Reiki: Faith Healing by Another Name

Reiki is one of the practices of ‘energy healing’ practised or promoted by sCAM artists and their followers. However, a quick look at the practice shows that it is nothing more than ‘faith healing’ by another name. Instead of calling upon Jesus or Allah or Asclepius or Apollo, reiki masters call upon the ‘life force energy’ to heal.

Mikao Usui

Practitioners of reiki make no bones about the spiritual nature of their system. Although based upon older concepts of energy healing, reiki itself originates from the teaching of Mikao Usui, who received the truths in a mystical experience on Mt. Kurama, a sacred mountain north of Kyoto, Japan in March, 1922.

Reiki promoters claim both both preventative and curative effects.

How does Reiki promote health
First, it frees us from disease; it prevents as well as cures illness. Then it helps us to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually, giving us the wonderful benefits of health in its wider sense. The preventive and curative qualities of Reiki can be reduced to two simple principles: the cleansing of meridians and balancing of the chakras to achieve a harmonious energy flow.

How does Reiki prevent or cure contagious diseases?
When disease-causing micro-organisms attack certain parts of the body, reserve energy is channelled to meet these attacks. But if the meridians are blocked, then the flow of reserve energy is hindered, and illness results. When using Reiki you cleanse the meridians, harmonizing energy levels and promote a smooth flow of reserve energy to the areas under attack, thus restoring the balance. Practising Reiki increases our reserves of energy, thus preventing any possible future outbreak of illness.

So, now we are cleansing meridians and balancing chakras. I seem to have missed these chapters in my anatomy and physiology textbooks.

Meridians are the pathways of qi and blood flow through the body. Qi, chi, ch’i, ki, etc. is the force that animates all living matter. Chakras, are said to be “force centers” or whorls of energy permeating, from a point on the physical body. Still nothing in my textbooks. In fact, you won’t find anything about these concepts in any serious textbook in biology or medicine.

To cleanse your meridians and balance your chakra a reiki master uses specific hand positions depending upon which meridian or chakra is affected.

For example:

Body 3

Body 3 (B3)
Breast position (place hands above or below breasts).

Chakra 4. Heart, thymus, lungs, asthma, allergies, circulation problems, immune system, emotional problems etc.

Legs 3

Legs 3 (L3)
Treat each foot separately. One hand should cover the sole of the foot, otherwise hold in the most comfortable position for you.

The feet contain reflex zones for all the organs in the body. All the organs and chakras will be treated. Grounds and calms the person.

For contagious diseases, reiki works as follows:

When disease causes bacteria to attack certain parts of your body, the reserve energy is channelled to meet these attacks. These energy travels through meridians, which are located throughout the body, which contain a free-flowing, colorless, non-cellular liquid. The meridians are connected to major organs in the body. But if the meridians, are blocked, then the flow of reserve energy is slowed down, reducing our ability to fight the invading germs….

Reiki helps in cleansing the meridians by harmonizing energy levels to promote a smooth flow of reserve energy to the areas under attack. This is in effect the way to boost our germ fighting power. Reiki also restores the balance in the human body & helps to prevent any possible future outbreak of illness.

Somehow, this “free-flowing, colorless, non-cellular liquid” has escaped all of the examinations of modern researchers.  Even so, if it is ancient, it must be right and the researchers wrong. This ignores the minor fact that medicine has, in the past 150 years, made more progress against diseases of all types than in the previous 10,000 years.

Qi is based in the ancient idea of ‘vitalism‘, the concept that life exists outside of biology, chemistry, and physics.  While it is often considered to be a metaphysical concept, and outside the prevue of science, modern physicists do sometimes think about these things. The result, as one might expect, is to eliminate any possibility for a soul or any other vitalistic energy.

In the US, a number of hospitals have allowed vitalism to creep into a clinical setting. A small list is here. In the light of increasing demand on our health care dollars, it is inexcusable to allow faith healers anywhere  near patients.

We have long since moved past the point of having christian pastors in our emergency rooms and operating theatres to lay their hands on the patients. However, because reiki is couched in the language of eastern mysticism, it receives a pass.

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