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Irene’s Path

Here is the path of Hurricane Irene as displayed by NASA An animation of satellite observations from August 21 through August 29 showing the birth of Hurricane Irene in the Caribbean and her track over Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, the Bahamas, … Continue reading

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The Cause of Disasters

I used to think that earthquakes were causes by the movements of the plates that make up the earth’s crust. Like this: I also had the archaic notion that hurricanes were the result of  thunderstorms that form over warm water … Continue reading

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Aligning Chi

Married to the Sea illustrates how to align your chi.

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West Coast EMFs

The Goldstream News Gazette is a small semi-weekly newspaper from Vancouver Island. It is published every Wednesday & Friday, covering the West Shore of Greater Victoria, including Langford, Colwood, Metchosin, View Royal, and the Highlands. In this case, small does not … Continue reading

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Violent Muslims in Canada

Every once in a while, religious intolerance rears its ugly head here in Canada. This time it is against a  young self-published author from Oakville, Ontario. Paris Dipersico author of Wake Up Call, wrote his own book promo. “I’m Paris Dipersico … Continue reading

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The Pen of Damascus Steel has been bent

From our view in the west, the current uprising and government violence in Syria are lumped together with the popular uprisings across the Arab Mediterranean world. While the west stepped in with words of support in  Tunisia and Egypt, and … Continue reading

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The Science of Beer Goggles

Researchers have determined that facial symmetry  is the key to attractiveness. In a study published in the May 7 (2008) issue of the journal PLoS ONE, Anthony Little of the University of Stirling and colleagues show that measurements of symmetry … Continue reading

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Seismic waves

In light of the recent earthquake in the eastern US, this xkcd comic seems appropriate.

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Graphic Description of Chiropractic

It is somewhat embarrassing that the man who came up with chiropractic is a Canadian. The story continues. While many will argue that chiropractic is more scientific than not, there is still a considerable amount of mysticism associated with the … Continue reading

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More movies from Willis H. O’Brien

I had mentioned Willis H. O’Brien, the genius behind King Kong a few months ago. Here is another example of his early work. The Ghost of Slumber Mountain   The tagline reads  “These giant monsters of the past are seen … Continue reading

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