Correction on the (non)stoned dog in Israel

Apparently, the story I blogged about a couple of days ago has turned out to be false. There was no rabbinical order to stone a dog at all.

On 3rd June 2011 we published an item headlined “Meah Shearim: A Bet Din (religious court) instructed that a dog be stoned”. In the article it was reported that a complaint was made to the police by the Israeli animal protection society against the Rabbinical Court for Monetary Matters in Jerusalem. The article also brought a categorical denial of this accusation from the head of the court, Rabbi Yehoshua Levin. The Rabbi said, amongst other things “There is no basis for cruelty to animals, not in Halacha (Jewish religious law) and not in logic.” According to him, workers from the municipal authority collected the dog from the court. The headline of the article did not reflect the full story and we apologize to the court and its members for the distress caused.”

I apologize for spreading an untrue story.

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