Philippines Maternity Ward

Last month, I wrote about the opposition of the Roman Catholic Church to a family planning bill in the Philippines.

As a follow up to that post, I present the busiest maternity ward in that country, and one of the busiest in the world. They average 60 births a day, but have recorded as many as 100 in a 24 hour period. And they are crowded!!!

Dr Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila

I am certainly not criticizing the care that these new families receive. I am sure they are extremely well taken care of. However,

‘Sometimes, during high season, 13  to 16 babies are in the delivery room at the same time,’ Arlene Matanguihan, a resident doctor, told the Guardian.

‘It’s chaotic but an organised chaos. We can still manage – no baby drops out on the floor.’

The Philippines has a staggering population growth rate of around 2 per cent, way above the average for South East Asia (1.7 per cent), with around 200 babies born per hour nationally.

Lack of a national policy on birth control is partly blamed for the unregulated population explosion in a devoutly Catholic country where 90 per cent of the people ascribe to the religion.

Three to a bed

The birth rate in #60 in the world, at 25.34 births/1,000 population, exceeded mostly by countries where poverty is even worse than it is in the Philippines.  Places such as Chad, Ethiopia, and Somalia all rank higher on the list. In comparison, the birth rate in Canada is 10.28 births/1,000 population  which puts us at 192 out of 228 countries.

Although faced with excommunication by the church, the government is determined to follow through on the bill.

The Catholics Bishops Conference of the Philippines is openly revolting against the plans and has even threatened to excommunicate the president if he follows through with the policy.

Catholics see birth control and abortion as contrary to ‘God’s will’ that we procreate, but politicians know they have to begin to exert control over the issue.

Congressman Edcel Lagman, who authored the bill in the House of Representatives, said it would benefit people on healthcare, educational and human rights platforms.

‘It will help give parents the chance to exercise their right to free and responsibly plan the number and spacing of their children, and help improve maternal newborn education and reduce infant and maternal mortality,’ he said.

For some reason, “God’s will” does not allow either family planning or the ability to improve living conditions for those already alive, or the unborn who it so vehemently protects before birth.

According to the US Census Bureau, world population will increase to 9 billion by 2050.

World population Increase - actual and estimated

Whether this is accurate or not, we will sooner or later reach the carrying capacity of this planet. It is about time that the religious leaders in the world recognized that and began to realistically do something about it. As far as I am concerned, those who preach abstinence can just go fuck themselves.

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4 Responses to Philippines Maternity Ward

  1. hemp says:

    .World population from 1800 to 2100 based on red orange green and black ….The world population is the total number of living on the planet currently estimated to be 6.92billion by the . The world population has experienced since the end of the and in 1350 population 300million.

  2. hanan says:

    Hi, I recently began my own non-profit organization to aid mothers and infants in impoverished parts of the world. I would like to request permission to use the photograph taken above of the women all sharing a bed. It speaks directly to my cause. I would be happy to share the link underneath the photo.

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