Rabbit Dressage

Rabbit Dressage or showjumping  is a relatively new sport making it’s way around Europe. Also known as Rabbit Hopping, the sport started in Sweden in the late 1970s, and has been spreading around Europe ever since. Currently, Sweden has about 750 members spread out over 20 regional clubs. Norway, Finland, Denmark, and the U.K. are also represented, albeit in smaller numbers.

In Canada, the sport began with a pair of 4-H members looking for something a little different. Thus was born the Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club.

The rules are similar to horse jumping with points deducted for fouls on jumps and time penalties.

Snoopy Jumping

In Germany, Animal Rights Groups have criticized the use of leashes for the competitions. However, organizers have their reasons, one

points out important practical reasons for keeping competing rabbits leashed: ‘We use them in tournaments for safety,’ she said.

‘Just think of what would happen if a male were to break free. We want to avoid uncontrolled reproduction. It has happened before.’

They also have high and long jump competitions. The record high jump is held by a Danish rabbit at 99.5 cm.


The long jump record is 2.99 metres, also held by a Danish rabbit,

Yabo jumping



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