Bigots under attack cry foul

The proposed anti-homosexual law in Uganda and the vote last fall that allowed homosexuals to be executed without cause has finally triggered a bit of a backlash in the UN.  The Human Rights Council has taken the diametrically opposed position.

The UN Human Rights Council, represented by 85 countries from every region of the world, strongly condemned violence against LGBT persons and affirmed that human rights apply to gays and lesbians yesterday during its annual meeting in Geneva. The Council’s reiterated condemnation of violence perpetrated against LGBT persons was levied during the same week the Uganda Parliament is expected to take up its “kill the gays” bill, perhaps a warning to Ugandan officials.

Led by the United States, Colombia and Slovenia, The Council’s strong support to affirm the human rights of LGBT people grew by 30 countries (since a vote in 2006,) with growing support from Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, including the Russian Federation and the six countries of the Former Yugoslavia, where egregious violence has been perpetrated against gays in Sarajevo and Belgrade.

As could be expected, that bastion of morality, the Vatican is against this and any other actions that do not condemn homosexuality. They are claiming that the world is becoming prejudiced against people who speak out against homosexuality.

“People are being attacked for taking positions that do not support sexual behavior between people of the same sex,” Archbishop Tomasi told the council.

“When they express their moral beliefs or beliefs about humanh nature, which may also be expressions of religious convictions, or state opinions about scientific claims, they are stigmatized, and worse – they are vilified, and prosecuted.”

The archbishop stated that these attempts to silence Catholics, and other critics of homosexual practice,  were a human rights violation according to the council’s own standards.

The minor fact that no one has ever been illegally attacked, or legally killed for being anti-homosexual seems to have escaped him. The criticism directed against them is purely verbal, and I can’t see how that violates anyone human rights.

“For the purposes of human rights law, there is a critical difference between feelings and thoughts, on the one hand, and behavior, on the other,” Archbishop Tomasi explained.

“A state should never punish a person, or deprive a person of the enjoyment of any human right, based just on the person’s feelings and thoughts, including sexual thoughts and feelings.”

Exactly. No-one is proposing that rights be taken away for being a bigot.

“But states can, and must, regulate behaviors, including various sexual behaviors. Throughout the world, there is a consensus between societies that certain kinds of sexual behaviors must be forbidden by law. Pedophilia and incest are two examples.”

Here we go again. Equating homosexuality, which is sex between consenting adults, and pedophilia and incest, which imply sex between a person with power and a vulnerable person, is comparing apples and bacteria. They aren’t even in the same kingdom. This is a tired old canard that should have been put to rest before it was ever uttered in the first place.

It is especially disgusting, if not unexpected, coming from the organization that has made such a mockery of human rights throughout its existence.  But then, within the church, pedophiles have been accepted and supported while those who sought adult sex were excommunicated.  They only decided that slavery was morally wrong 85 years after the British outlawed slavery and 30 years after the US civil war. The leaders of this group have absolutely no sense of propriety and no basis upon which to stand as moral leaders.

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