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The future of mixology

The robot overlords are coming. Čapec’s R.U.R., the Cylons, Skynet and the Terminators, Asimov’s Robots, and many others have demonstrated to us that this is inevitable. As unavoidable as the Zombie Apocalypse. Of course, the Zombie Apocalypse would be a … Continue reading

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Animal Rights Psychopaths

Its been blogged about in many places including Pharyngula and Respectful Insolence, but I’d like to get it out to those few who read my blog because I believe it is important that these groups be recognized for what they … Continue reading

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Ghost on video? Not Quite.

A family in Coventry England is trying to find a new place to rent as the one they are currently in is haunted – and they have proof.  To dispel any doubts you may have, here’s the movie: Did you see that chair move. … Continue reading

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Believe in Jesus and go to heaven

From the King James Version of the Bible. John Chapter 3: 5. Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. 6. Flesh gives birth … Continue reading

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Bigots under attack cry foul

The proposed anti-homosexual law in Uganda and the vote last fall that allowed homosexuals to be executed without cause has finally triggered a bit of a backlash in the UN.  The Human Rights Council has taken the diametrically opposed position. The … Continue reading

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Beauty is in the eye…..

One of the common criticisms by believers towards people who hold a naturalistic view is the lack of a sense of awe and beauty in the world around us. It just isn’t so. From xkcd

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The Cockfighter and the Tank

Most of us are quite happy that cockfighting is illegal across North America. We are pleased when law enforcement teams arrest those involved and generally don’t have a lot of sympathy for animal abusers. However, there are limits. The Sheriff … Continue reading

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Locks of Gold

From Drama 3/4 Productions comes a parody of fairy tale films, particularly the new Red Riding Hood movie Locks of Gold – Beware the Werebears starring Alison Haislip as Goldie </object>    

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Voyager at the Edge of the Solar System

On September 5, 1977 Voyager 1 was launched as a first step in exploring our Solar System.  It is now approaching the end of that part of its journey. The Voyager 1 spacecraft has entered a region of space in the outer solar … Continue reading

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The Lonely Skeptic

I’m sure many of us have felt this way. I know I have. I have been in uncountable situations where people have told me that acupuncture would cure whatever ailment I might be suffering from, or that rubbing oil on … Continue reading

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