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The Fox Guide to Sexting

Fox News has an important article on the Dos and Don’ts of sexting (even if their headline grammar is suspect), something we all know is an important part of 21st century life. They ask why sext? My answer is, if … Continue reading

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CAM and Canadian Family Physicians

The uptake of snake oils, other wise known as CAM has been a pet peeve of mine for quite some time. I see people wasting money on ineffective treatments, insurance companies wasting our money,  vaccines being preached against, children suffering and dying … Continue reading

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CAM and Canadian Cities

I read an article today pointing out the prevalence of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in Canada. This comes from Chris Hassall at CFI Ottawa who did a high level look at ‘woo’ and mysticism in the largest cities in Canada. It is sometimes claimed that Vancouver is … Continue reading

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Skull Cups in Ancient Britain

Not many of us today would consider eating or drinking out of a human skull to be appropriate table manners. While it was common in prehistory, one of the very few peoples to use a skull cup today are the … Continue reading

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Nazis on the Moon

In 1945, some Nazis escaped the destruction of the wehrmacht by taking rockets and making a new Fatherland on the dark side of the moon. In 2018, the come back to finish the job their grandparents started. Iron Sky Another Cult … Continue reading

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Vision of Mary ‘Proven’ after 150 Years

A site in Wisconsin has become one of only a handful of sites worldwide that the catholic church recognizes as being actual sightings of Jesus’ mother. During October of 1859 the Virgin Mary is alleged to have appeared to a … Continue reading

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Diet Pop, Heart Attack, and Stroke

The study that connected diet pop consumption with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke is discussed  be Steve Novella, over at Skepticblog. I had some difficulties with both the study and the reporting in the main stream media. … Continue reading

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Alien Bar

Not the Star Wars Cantina.  These were designed by H.R. Giger, at his biomechanical surrealist best. Over his career, he designed several of these bars, a couple of which are still open in Switzerland. One of these is in Chur. … Continue reading

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Catholics and Abortion

A cartoon from Slate

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Organic vs modern farming crop yields

In discussions I have had with people in the organic food movement they often argue that we need to stop using intensive farming methods and move to a totally organic method. In 2008, the National Agricultural Statistics Service of USDA, conducted a survey of crop … Continue reading

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