Benny Hinn sued for immorality

Benny Hinn's Orlando Mansion

Benny Hinn is a well known, very wealthy, faith healer, televangelist, tax dodger, and general scam artist.  He has recently been sued by a Christian book publisher  for violating the morals clause in his contract.

In August, Hinn admitted to a friendship with evangelist Paula White after The National Enquirer published photos of them in Rome, holding hands.

Hinn was married at the time. His wife, Suzanne, had filed for divorce a few months earlier.

In a letter attached to the suit, Strang also accused Hinn of violated the contract by failing to work hard enough to market Blood in the Sand.

He failed to make television appearances to promote it, including several on 700 Club, wrote Strang attorney Chris Vlahos.

Somehow it seems that the louder they preach, the harder they fall. No doubt he will claim to be persecuted for his human failings and the money will continue to pour in.

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