Homoeopaths without conscience

If you are looking for a opportunity to hand over some of your hard earned money to an organization that will do more harm than good, and you want to branch out from your regular church donations, here you go.

Homoeopaths without Borders (look them up, I refuse to provide a link) is an organization that is attempting to take it’s magical water worldwide. These quacks have insinuated their pseudoscience in such places as Haiti, Sri Lanka, and Guatemala. They are now raising money to fund an excursion to Africa to play with AIDS sufferers.

In Canada we mostly look upon homoeopaths as harmless quacks. If someone wants to waste their money on useless pseudoscience, we see that as their right. We do, however, draw the line at preventing children from receiving proper medical care.  Pushing homoeopathy onto uneducated, desperate people is no less an abuse.

In certain African countries, AIDS is one of the most serious health concerns. According to the WHO

HIV/AIDS continues to be a major public health problem with far reaching consequences on the development and the national security of WHO/AFRO Member States. Sub-Saharan Africa carries the highest burden of HIV infections and HIV/AIDS related mortality in the world. An estimated 33 million people worldwide were living with HIV in 2007, of whom 67% were in sub-Saharan Africa. The Region also accounts for 75% of global AIDS deaths. Approximately 9.1 million people were newly infected with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa in 2007.

Control of this epidemic has been hampered by religion and pseudoscience from the beginning. Governments have denied the link between HIV and AIDS and prevented the use of anti-viral medications. The catholic church has preached against condom use, witchdoctors have their own ‘cures’, and most do not have the money for expensive treatments.

Into this charges, Homoeopaths Without Borders. Not just to (mis)treat patients, but to train others in their nonsense. Their website, under their banner states “Not associated with Doctors Without Borders”, outlines their desire to be takes as seriously as that  organization. The major difference, of course, is that the original saves people, while the inferior copy kills.

So, if you feel that you haven’t killed enough people today, here’s a perfect place for you to spend money. If on the other hand, you do have extra cash, and really want to help, here’s the original Doctors Without Borders.


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