International Politics and “The Family”

Gays in Uganda have been faced with genocide in a bill that was tabled to make repeat homosexual acts a capital offence. International outrage has  delayed the passage of the bill, but life is still very tough for gays in Uganda. According to a UK Newspaper

Gay Ugandans have faced a fortnight of attacks and intimidation, say human rights campaigners, after a local newspaper published a list of the country’s “top 100 homosexuals”. As well as naming gay Ugandans – complete with photographs and addresses

The publisher was, of course, apologetic

The newspaper’s managing editor, Giles Muhame, maintains that the article was in the public interest. “We felt there was a need for society to know that such characters exist amongst them. Some of them recruit young children into homosexuality, which is bad and needs to be exposed,” he said.

According investigative reporter Jeff  Sharlet the bill has the support of at least one major US christian group – The Family, also known as The  Fellowship. The family is a very secretitive group that has very close ties to a number of US politicians, and runs a very successful lobby for their christian ideals.

The fundamentalist group The Family has operated secretively with the help of influential congressmen and senators who are members of the group to promote their anti-gay, anti-abortion, pro-free-market ideas in America and other parts of the world, but two sex scandals involving people connected with The Family -Nevada Senator John Ensign and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford – have brought public attention to the group.

There’s other Family news. Bart Stupak and Joe Pitts are connected to The Family. They introduced the amendment to the House health care reform bill that would prevent funds appropriated from the act to cover abortion and go to any insurance company that covers abortion.

And from the The Washington Post:

On any given day, the rowhouse at 133 C St. SE — well appointed, with American flag flying, white-and-green-trimmed windows and a pleasant garden — fills with talk of power and the Lord. At least five congressmen live there, quietly renting upstairs rooms from an organization affiliated with “the Fellowship,” the obsessively secretive Arlington spiritual group that organizes the National Day of Prayer breakfast, an event routinely attended by legions of top government officials. Other politicians come to the house for group spirituality sessions, prayer meetings or to simply share their troubles.

Is this group influencing Canada’s political agenda? Damned if I know, but certainly groups like this one are campaigning hard.

To bring it back home, it is organizations like this that provide validation for those who physically attack gays.

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