The Road Not Taken and Motorcycling

It is one of the most recognized poems in the English language, and one of the most misused. Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” is not simply the paean to individuality as most of us interpret it to be. It is a complex examination of identity and how our choices define us. Continue reading

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Go Home Cardinal Pell

Australia has not been immune to the worldwide acceptance of child sexual abuse by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. As everywhere, the Bishops, Archbishops, and Cardinals have been masters of passing the responsibility on to others. This is a skill they have learned at the feet of their masters in the Vatican.

For a recent look at what he has been saying since he was appointed Treasurer of the Vatican (an appointment that shields him from prosecution in Australia), here are a couple of articles: Continue reading

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The Marijuana Debate

The move towards legalizing marijuana in Canada is bringing out the great debaters. I imagine many news outlets across the country have their letter writers frantically keying missives to promote their side of the issue.

From the Jan 15, 2015 edition of our local paper comes this gem

Marijuana ban devil doctrine?

via Wikipedia

Mitch Reid may not be aware that he’s actually supporting and enabling the devil law (Letter: Petition To Stop Marijuana Plans, Jan. 19, 2016); cannabis (marijuana) prohibition is the doctrine of demons. Cannabis prohibition separates people from receiving the “spirit of truth,” which is available to those who “love one another,” as described in John 14-16. You cannot love someone and cage him or her for using what God indicates He created and says is good on literally the very first page of the Bible, at the same time. Cannabis prohibition, persecution and discrimination are anti-Christian and clergy should be extra vigilant in protecting themselves from that public sin.Stan White
Dillon, Colorado

Stan Dillon may be a member of the First Church of Cannabis, I really don’t know.

Mitch Reid on the other hand is convinced that the love of marijuana use is the root of all evil. Continue reading

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Get the Holiday Spirit

A few songs to pump up that holiday spirit; here are some familiar tunes with twisted lyrics. Don’t play these too loudly if you’re concerned about your reputation. These are not for anyone easily offended by overt sexuality and general weirdness. Continue reading

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Negative assumptions about refugees.

Many of us have made assumptions about the refugees from Syria, and I’m not referring to the racism, bigotry, and Islamophobia that we hear from many politicians, pundits, and commenters on social media. I am referring to the assumptions from those willing to assist the refugees about the skill and abilities of these potential residents.

PEI, with an approximate population of 140,000 is preparing to accept 250 refugees over the next year. This really isn’t very many, but the support from the local community has been overwhelmingly positive. Islanders have been extremely generous in their donations of money, clothing, and other immediate needs. Although there have been discussions about the long term absorption of Syrians into our society, there has been some major assumptions made about these refugees.

When we think about refugees, we most often think of those driven from arid, poverty stricken areas of Africa, but assumptions exist about these people as well. We have the idea that refugees have few, if any, skills that are transferable to our society. Continue reading

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I hope the quality of thought improves.

I’m just going to put this here because some people just can’t look at themselves at all. A letter to editor in the December 01, 2015 Charlottetown Guardian.

It’s nice to read UPEI student letters to the Guardian however their opinions are out to lunch. Josh Wruck believes the opinion section suffers from a lack of more intelligent letters from UPEI professors which is a load of crap. This is an elitist attitude which I don’t care for because I find most of their letters are dull and repetitive. Sam Vail says Canada needs heroes but he thinks anyone against abortion is a hero. His letter makes no sense because he doesn’t understand the meaning of being a hero. I hope to see more letters from UPEI students but hope the quality of thought improves.

This guy is a regular contributor and while his ideas are certainly repetitive, they are never dull.

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PEI Landmarks Project

For all PE Islanders:

Do you give directions based upon, or talk about places that cannot be found on any map? Of course you do; we all do. Traditionally Islanders never navigated by maps, we used landmarks. Over time those landmarks have changed: businesses have changed names, or disappeared altogether; houses or other buildings have been torn down or been renovated and painted beyond recognition (Purple House in East Royalty, K-Mart). Erosion may have changed some physical landmarks, such as Elephant Rock which has lost its elephant and is now just a rock. Continue reading

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We created the refugees. We need to take responsibility

There are many people in western nations who are against providing refuge for the millions of displaced people primarily citing fears for our safety. These fears are being spread largely byright wing politicians and media, even those who from refugee or immigrant families. These are not exclusively right wing opinions as many on the left are also against allowing the resettlement of Syrian refugees. To be completely fair the right wing Cato Institute does not believe the refugees pose any realistic security threat, and that refusing refugees many actually increase the risk.

There is one clear lesson from the limited academic literature on this issue: Allowing the current UNHCR refugee camp situation to grow and fester for years can only produce more radicalization and terrorism. A more expansive refugee policy with adequate security checks that resettles large numbers in safe countries can drain the swamp of potential future terrorists and decrease that risk.

What very few have noted is that we in the west have been a major force  in creating these refugees from Syria and from much of the rest of the world as well. Thus we bear a moral responsibility to provide assistance to those displaced through our own actions. Continue reading

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Mary Mary Quite Contrary

The Virgin Mary sure gets around. Interestingly enough it seems to be an exclusively Roman Catholic phenomenon; she doesn’t appear to Protestants, and certainly not to non-Christians.  Continue reading

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A few words on refugees

I am getting tired of re-reading the same comments and lies about the Paris attacks and the refugees who have been forced to leave their lives in Syria. They are people who have had their lives destroyed and are trying to survive by moving to countries that do not share their long history or culture. No one wants to leave their home and Damascus, the capital of Syria, is considered one of the oldest continuously populated cities in the world, a history measured in as many thousands of years, predating European settlement of the Americas by a factor of 10. Continue reading

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