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They just don’t get it

John Nienstedt became archbishop of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis in 2008, long after the systemic support for abusive priests became public. This month he was being deposed in a clergy abuse lawsuit and admitted to covering up information … Continue reading

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Those persecuted Atheists

As a follow up to yesterdays post on Christian Persecution, here’s some info on what it’s like to be an atheist. Saudi Arabia has declared all atheists to be terrorists. Saudi Arabia has introduced a series of new laws which … Continue reading

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Those Poor Persecuted Catholics

The Christian religion is built upon tales of persecution and martyrdom. From the earliest days of conflicts with Jews and Romans, Christians have often clashed with ruling classes. Some of this persecution complex is based upon facts and some on revisionist … Continue reading

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Tales from an abortion clinic escort

Caitlin Keefe Moran at The Toast describes some of her experiences as a Saturday Morning escort at an abortion clinic. On her first day, a man jumps from a building across the street and the first responders show up sirens … Continue reading

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The Teaming Streets of Damascus

Like most of us outside of the Middle East, I’ve had the luxury of not being directly impacted by the events in Syria. I realize I am lucky to live in a part of the world that has not seen … Continue reading

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Still Not Accepting Responsibility

The United Nations has begin an inquiry into the global abuse of children perpetrated by the Catholic Church. Former Vatican Chief Prosecutor of Clerical Sexual Abuse Charles Scicluna is representing the Vatican at these hearings where he is facing the first … Continue reading

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Text of Nigeria’s Same Sex (Prohibition) Bill

I went looking for the text of the Bill recently signed into law by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan that criminalizes any expression of same sex attraction. The most recent version I could find was the one passed by the Senate in … Continue reading

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The Cost of being Anonymous

Deric Lostutter became famous, albeit anonymously, when he led the campaign to bring the Steubenville rapists to justice. As a results of his efforts,  Ma’Lik Richmond (just released) and Trent Mays (with a year left) were imprisoned.  Additionally, three other adults have been … Continue reading

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Two Sides – Robin Thicke and Project Unbreakable.

A couple of months ago, I wrote about some of the male Rock singers who have blatantly used sex to sell their music, and ultimately have been remembered for that music. On the other hand, women tend to be attacked … Continue reading

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Unrepentant Rapists – Steubenville and Saratoga

Victims of rape very often carry the scars of the assault for the remainder of their lives, and in extreme cases, shorten those lives considerably. In some cases, while the victims are blamed, the rapists are supported by their friend and … Continue reading

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