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Swedish voters elect uneducated politicians too.

We complain about our politicians who ignore science and legislate based upon nonsensical ideas. The Americans, British, and Australians have their share as well. Here’s an example from Sweden, where one Swedish MP launched an official government investigation into the … Continue reading

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Eliminating certain foods can improve medical conditions – or not

It must be so easy being a naturopath writing a column in a newspaper. You are under no constrictions to source any material or provide useful medical advice. If only responses could be so easy. Important note, I am not … Continue reading

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Damned if you do… – heart attacks and anti-psychotics

I have severe depression, and I have had a heart attack. Yes, my father was only in his mid-fifties when he had his first, so I had some genetics against me. However, I had also been taking anti-depressants and anti-psychotics … Continue reading

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Vaccinations and Parachutes

A new paper calls for “double blind, randomised, placebo controlled, crossover trial of the parachute.”  Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma related to gravitational challenge: systematic review of randomised controlled trials Gordon C S Smith, Jill P Pell Introduction The parachute … Continue reading

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A few cancer myths

It would be virtually impossible to catalogue all the myths that abound on the causes and treatments for the diseases we collectively call cancer. In the tradition of making top ten lists, Oliver Childs writing at Cancer Research UK takes a … Continue reading

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Snake hemipenes

I know, the burning question on most people’s minds is “What do snake penises look like?” Well, I have your answer right here: they have two. Each is known as a hemepenis (plural hemepenes), and are common to snakes, lizards, … Continue reading

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Measles on the rise

The people who are against vaccinations are causing a resurgence of measles. In an article in The Daily Beast, physician Russel Saunders outlines his concerns about the unnecessary rise of cases in New York. Most patients recover after an unpleasant … Continue reading

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The Five Second Rule

We all know the 5 second rule. You know, you drop some food on the floor and if you grab it before 5 seconds are up, it’s still safe to eat. Well, a news release from Aston University in the … Continue reading

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A Tale of two countries and their homoeopaths

First of all, Sweden now has a homoeopathic emergency room staffed by people who don’t know anything about medicine. It is part of the Salve Health Center situated at the Maria Square in central Stockholm and it opened its doors … Continue reading

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The Elephant Fish

It’s not an elephant or a (bony) fish and although it’s sometimes called the elephant shark, it isn’t a shark either. They can also be referred to as ghost sharks, but they are nothing like those in the movie. Callorhinchus milii  … Continue reading

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