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Morality and religion

I have been trying to write something about the mass grave of discarded children in Ireland and Catholic society that allowed such mistreatment to continue for so long. The other Catholic topic that hit the wire recently is the trial of … Continue reading

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Boko Haram in Nigeria

Boko Haram is an extreme Islamist organization in Nigeria that is using terror tactics in an attempt to force the introduction of Sharia Law in at least part of the country.  In their latest attacks, they bombed a bus station in … Continue reading

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Ugandan Christian leaders like dead gays

In February of this Ugandan president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni signed the Anti-Homosexuality Act and people convicted of committing homosexual acts are now potentially subject to life in prison. Proscribed actions include:  Aggravated homosexuality (Life imprisonment) Attempt to commit homosexuality (Life imprisonment) … Continue reading

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Philippines make a move forward on Reproductive Rights – RC Church Displeased

The Philippines recently passed legislation to provide free contraception to poor Filipinos and, as you would expect, the Catholic Church fought it tooth and nail. Over 80% of Filipinos are members of the Roman Catholic Church, but that doesn’t stop overwhelming support … Continue reading

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Noah and the Pairs

We all know the story of Noah and his ark. The latest interpretation of the myth is currently the top box-office movie. But what if Noah really did have two of everything?   Before antibiotics too.

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Those persecuted Atheists

As a follow up to yesterdays post on Christian Persecution, here’s some info on what it’s like to be an atheist. Saudi Arabia has declared all atheists to be terrorists. Saudi Arabia has introduced a series of new laws which … Continue reading

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Those Poor Persecuted Catholics

The Christian religion is built upon tales of persecution and martyrdom. From the earliest days of conflicts with Jews and Romans, Christians have often clashed with ruling classes. Some of this persecution complex is based upon facts and some on revisionist … Continue reading

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Sodom and Gomorrah

The twin cities could have been saved.

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The Bishop of Portsmouth Doesn’t like Secularism

In a non-surprising statement from the Bishop of Portsmouth, Philip Egan, he claims that secularism is not a good basis for a society. “Secularism is too fragile a basis for a free society…the Gospel alone can offer an authentic humanism … Continue reading

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Tales from an abortion clinic escort

Caitlin Keefe Moran at The Toast describes some of her experiences as a Saturday Morning escort at an abortion clinic. On her first day, a man jumps from a building across the street and the first responders show up sirens … Continue reading

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